Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Evolution is being tested by using LDTP scripts

Initial Evolution scripts using LDTP was written by Shaheed, Manu, Bhargavi.

Now its been taken over by Prem and the scripts are in better shape ! Evolution IMAP setup is now continously running since morning and not even facing any single issue. As of now only mailer scripts are running as regression suite. Soon, calendar, tasks and contacts will be included in this regression suite. Facing few issues with Evolution Groupwise and Evolution Exchange testing using LDTP scripts. Need to be resolved soon :)

Updating LDTP Internals and API Reference

After some long time, started updating API Reference page !

Yesterday night unable to sleep :) LDTP documentation is not up to the mark. So thought of adding the internals of LDTP. Till 4:00 AM, I was doing all these work.

Should find some time to update LDTP Architecture !!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Prashanth successfully setup LDTP in FreeBSD !!!

Today Prashanth announced that he has successfully setup LDTP in FreeBSD 5.4 !!!

From now on, FreeBSD community can also use LDTP to test GNOME, Mozilla, OpenOffice applications in their environment :) Soon Prashanth will be updating the HOWTO for FreeBSD.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Varadhan / Rodrigo / Harry gave a patch to fix gail bug !!!

Long standing gail bug has been reviled by LDTP when automating Evolution.

Varadhan proposed a patch to fix gailbutton crash. Rodrigo, gave a patch to fix a bug in gailmenuitem, which caused crash in Harry's box. Thanks to Harry, who gave intial hint about the bug #313703

I take this opportunity to thank all of them :) I hope Evolution automation can proceed with these fixes !!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Evolution + gnome-pilot syncing !!

Today for the first time, I tested Evolution and gnome-pilot syncing in SuSE 10 Beta 2.

Based on suggestion from varadhan, gave user to be part of uucp group. Mubeen suggsted me to remove ehci_hcd module and load uhci_hcd, hci_usb modules and also usbserial modules. I did the same and configured address book sync.

Tried syncing 1000 contacts !!! from personal address book, without any issue address book gets transfered to Palm Pilot :) Maybe after GNOME 2.12 planing to do stress test all the possible combination.

14 year old guy working in LDTP !!!

Just today I came to know that 14 year old tuxJr (arjun) is working in LDTP !!! That's a great (shocking and surprising) news for me :) Wow young guys are really doing great !! I would like to see good contributions from his side ;) I'm sure he will do great.

Prashanth planing to port LDTP to FreeBSD !!!

Today Prashanth told me in IRC (#ldtp, that he is planing to port LDTP to FreeBSD platform. I'm really happy to hear this news !!!

Thanks Prashanth and hope things should go fine :) He is also helping me in generating deb packages for Debian Sarge (testing) / Sid (unstable) and Ubuntu Breezy. Its a happy moment for me to work with great guys ;)

Evolution migration testing !!!

Yesterday tested Evolution migration.

From Evolution 2.2.x to 2.3.x in SuSE 9.3 platform. Tested Groupwise and IMAP migration. Things are working fine. Anyway I need to test Migration from SuSE 9.3 to SuSE 10. Hope by Beta3 of SuSE 10, I will be able to test :)

Note: Now SuSE Linux Profressional is released to Open Source community as Open Suse !!! Hope hackers / users will now enjoy with latest GNOME and KDE through OpenSuse.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

LDTP 0.1.9 released !!!

4 new functions added by me and Prem. Evolution scripts related fixes (which was broken due to new UI changes in Evolution) has gone in. EOG test scripts from Biswa of Wipro / Sun has been included into this release. As EOG is totally new scripts. Gnome-search-tool (gsearch) has been modified by Girish of Wipro / Sun and thats also one of the major contribution.

Prasanth has contributed deb package and that has been included in the release package for the first time !! I thank the contributors for all the above contributions :)

Download LDTP 0.1.9

Wipro and Sun contributing GNOME automation scripts using LDTP

Yesterday received gnome-search-tool and eog test scripts using LDTP from Wipro guys.

Scripts are looking good :) But still some minor issues are there. That will be corrected in next release of LDTP. I'm happy about Wipro and Sun's contribution !! With the help of these people LDTP is now running in Solaris platform too !!!! I feel that this is one of the greatest achievement ;)

Evolution accessibility bug !!??!!

When running individual LDTP scripts to test Evolution, things are working fine. When we merge all the scripts and run at one shot, evolution hangs !!

With the help of Harry (haip) today figured that the issue is because of gail library. Still not sure is this specific to Evolution or with other applications too ? With gedit, I never faced any such issue. Also with Firefox scripts. But, we haven't regressed any other applications as we are currently doing for Evolution. Hope things should be resolved soon and we should be able to continue Evolution automation using LDTP.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Met my daughter after 3 weeks !!!

It was a nice weekend. After 3 weeks I meet my 2 months old daughter !!! A nice day with her. I enjoyed and loved her movements / actions :)

My grandfather expired :( Meet most of my relativies after 5 months.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Evolution address book stress testing

System test team in Novell Bangalore, helped me in generating 1 lakh address book for OpenLDAP and Novell Groupwise servers. With this data I'm planing to stress test Evolution address book !!

With the latest fixes in Groupwise address book of Evolution 2.3.x, auto completion, address search with Groupwise system address book is drastically fast !!

LDTP can be used to automate KDE 4.0 applications

LDTP can be used to automate KDE 4.0 applications. Thanks to all at-spi and atk developers to make this possible :) Once KDE 4.0 is released KDE QA community can consider LDTP as their GUI automation testing tool !!

Evolution 2.4 on SuSE 10 !!

Force installed Evolution 2.3.7 packages in SuSE 10 Beta 1, because the evolution packages were actually built for SuSE 9.3.

Groupwise connector in Evolution now rocks !! Groupwise mailer, address book and calendar works fast than I expected !!!!!!! A big O to Partha, Sushma and Chenthil. Thanks guys for your great and good work :) I appreciate their efforts for making Evolution Groupwise better.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Evolution regression & Reliability

Yesterday, the whole day I was doing regression of fixed bugs. Regressed 24 bugs, Reopened 3 bugs and opened 1 new bug.

Today, started doing Evolution reliability testing. Test scripts written by Jeff and modified by Subodh for Evolution 2.4. Reliability testing is done through LTFX scripts. I would like to introduce soon LDTP to do reliability testing. Hope with the scripts written by Prem, I will be able to achieve this :)

Monday, August 08, 2005

Triaged 20 bugs - Reviewed few LDTP patches

The day went well, triaged approximately 20 bugs in Evolution and confirmed few of them :)

Reviewed LDTP patches for double click row by Prem. Patch looks good.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

New search algorithm logic for LDTP

Today prem proposed a new search algorithm for LDTP and find it very useful.

Existing algorithm use to navigate each and every object and then tries for the match. New algorithm will use the object index in the parent.

Hope this new algorithm will increase the performance. Waiting for his new implementation !!

Meet good old friend - Watched two Tamil Movies

It was a nice week end !!

Watched two Tamil Movies - February 14, Englishkaran
Both are masala movie, just an entertainment movie with out any story.

Also I meet my good old college mate during the last week end. Nice moment and we were talking about all our olden days (golden days ;)

Friday, August 05, 2005

Downloading OpenSolaris to test LDTP on Solaris platform

Downloading Open Solaris for x86 platform. Most probably I will try to install it by coming Monday (8-August-2005).

If I'm able to setup LDTP on Solaris, I hope I can help few of Sun QA and Wipro QA people, as they are supporting me in developing LDTP.

Installed FC4 - Funny things happened

Trying to install Fedora Core 4 for past few weeks, but unable to :( One of my friend (Arun), found from, when you get kernel panic with the boot cd, then try typing some "junk" characters and then press enter key !!!

You will get a warning that 'kernel image not found' !!!

Now just press enter, Things will work perfectly and it happened ;) But I'm annoid, just typing some junk character and later just pressing enter :( Anyway a nice experience :D

Demonstrated LDTP in Novell Bangalore - Test Fest 2005

Nice experience !!! Got a coffe cup mug as a gift for presenting LDTP :)

At first, I was not able to use my laptop for presentation. I used NLD box to give the presentation. Later I figured out after restarting SuSE 9.3 box on my laptop, I'm able to connect to the projector. Then I gave LDTP demo to few of Novell QA engineers. They raised few interesting questions.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

LDTP Ported to Solaris 10

With the help of Haip (Harry.Lu), I have ported LDTP to work on Solaris platform.