Friday, October 28, 2005

LDTP talk scheduled in FOSS IN 2005

Thanks to Atul, who organize FOSS.IN (earlier Linux-Bangalore). I registered for a talk about LDTP in FOSS.IN and it has been approved (talk #9). I need to prepare some slides for the talk soon. Talks will be from November 29, 2005 to December 2, 2005. Interested people in India and even outside India can come and attend the talk ;)

Evolution automation testing movie !!

Thanks to Shaheed who has created this Evolution IMAP sanity testing movie using LDTP ;) It has been created with a high resolution, few people have suggested to create the movie with a lesser resolution. Let us do that for the next release :)

Thanks to Yusuke Shinyama who has provide the valuable tool vnc2swf :)

Sun's contribution to LDTP project

Sun Microsystems and Novell QA teams are working together in LDTP project. Sun LDTP hackers are regularly building LDTP packages for Solaris platform (includes both Sparc and i386) and they are available in the default download page. Thanks to Dave and Patrick of Sun !!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

LDTP 0.2.1 released with localization testing support !!!

Thanks to Prem for working with me in completing the localization integration task :) Now using LDTP, we can test the application running in Localized evnironment too. Write the scripts once and test it in different environment.

Thanks to Karunakar of IndLinux, who provides us all the possible information about localization.

Check out the list of new features for LDTP 0.2.1 release.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Evolution mailer test scripts using LDTP

Patrick from Sun Microsystems and Shaheed from Novell are writing Evolution mailer test scripts using LDTP and those scripts are given to the Evolution community. Prem and Shaheed has created a evolution utils package, which contains the most used functionalities. The script writter just needs to call the respective functions. Also the data part are seperated from scripts :) So the scripts are written just once. For doing regression testing, different types of data's can be populated and the scripts can be called in any sequence.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

LDTP Evolution automation demo for Evolution maintainers

Friday, October 21 2005, Shaheed, Prem, Poornima and me gave Evolution mailer scripts demo to Evolution maintainers - Harish, Shreyas, Sushma, Praveen. It was a good time with them. We have got very good suggestions from the Evolution development team. We will try to implement them as part of Evolution test scripts.

Monday, October 10, 2005

FAQs about LDTP

1. Is LDTP announced ?
Linux Desktop Testing Project (LDTP) was the first Test Automation Framework to use AT-SPI !!! LDTP has been open sourced 1 year back.
2. Why is LDTP not part of the GNOME project ?
LDTP is Linux desktop agnostic. It aims at delivering an umbrella of test suites for Linux Desktop projects which includes the top ones like GNOME, KDE, Mozilla, etc. This increases wide-spread acceptance of LDTP as a de-facto desktop testing framework.
Based on the inputs recevied from some of the prominent members of the GNOME and KDE community, LDTP has been hosted on
However, LDTP currently uses the GNOME bugzilla for bug tracking, thanks to Luis Villa for making this available.

3. How is LDTP different from other desktop testing frameworks ?
LDTP is a unique initiative to make Linux Desktops stable and rock solid by running them through rigorous suite of test conditions.
At the time of writing this document, some of the prominent features of LDTP include
  • LDTP concepts are derived from Software Automation Framework Support
  • LDTP supports verification of actions performed (GuiExist, VerifyState, etc)
  • Writing test scripts are very easy, the script writer need not know about the object hierarchy
  • CPU / Memory performance monitoring of application-under-test can be measured
  • From the XML log, we can gather HTML report using XSLT
  • Group based execution, which provides precise control on the flow of test-script execution
  • User-friendly Test Editor with syntax highlighting for generating and grouping test data.

I believe that the goal of another desktop testing framework would be similar to that of LDTP and hence reduntant. I welcome everyone to join hands with the LDTP community and make it the de facto desktop testing framework for *nix platform. LDTP community has made 11 dot releases so far and is active.

4. How objects are identified by LDTP ?
LDTP identifies the object dynamically (by using remap) and statically (by using application map - appmap)

5. Who uses and supports LDTP ?
LDTP community include hackers from:
  • GNOME QA community
  • Mozilla QA community
  • QA community
  • KDE QA community
  • Sun, Wipro, Novell/SuSE

And I see increasing number of participation every week in weekly community meetings.

It is great to note that the following have successfully deployed LDTP

6. Does LDTP support platforms other than Linux ?

Yes, LDTP hackers from Sun Microsystems have successfully tested LDTP on Solaris. There are people trying to use LDTP on FreeBSD as well.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Working on a gail bug with Varadhan

Yesterday night till 2:00 AM, me and Varadhan was working on gailtreeview issue. To an extent we have identified the issue. I guess this work will continue even today night or over the weekend.

Scenario is: When I triger an event on a table cell, which can either expand or contract (In Evolution, a mail folder can contain sub folder, the main folder can either exapnd or contract). Event gets fired and only one operation gets performed. Consecutive operation on the same cell does not perform well. This is because, the actual event sets the new property either expand or contract (with EXPANDED) and some other event is just removing that property. Still debugging the issue, hope this weekend with the help of Varadhan this issue will be solved ;)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Evolution project test automation using LDTP

Evolution project will be soon automated using LDTP. As an itnial phase all the sanity cases for Mailer, Calendar, Addressbook and Tasks will be automated :)

All these will include Groupwise connector, Exchange connector, IMAP, POP based mailer, calendar, addressbook and tasks automation automation. Apart from this, Web Calendar, LDAP addressbook automation area will also be covered.

Valgrind + Evolution + LDTP by Varadhan

Varadhan has started using LDTP project for valgrinding Evolution application !! Thats a great achievement to LDTP project :) I'm happy to see more such results... Shaheed and Prem are helping Varadhan by writing LDTP scripts.

Requested hoting for TestLink in and waiting for response

Yesterday based on Elijah's suggestion, I posted a mail to GNOME Web List, by requesting them to host a testlink server ;) and waiting for a response.