Thursday, March 30, 2006

LDTP 0.4.0 released !!!

Its one more good day !!!

Happy to announce that LDTP 0.4.0 released !!!

This release includes...
* Refined object search from the appmap table
* Data XML are now transmitted and received with in CDATA
* Reimplemented getwindowlist, getobjectlist, getobjectinfo, getobjectproperty
* Memory leak fixed - Freed memory resources when client disconnects

And now take a deep breath and go through the exhaustive list of bug fixes which makes this version of LDTP the most stable of the lot. A special thanks to Patrick from Sun Microsystems who has actively hacked LDTP and helped us identify and resolve many issues.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

LDTP ARM porting

LDTP will be soon ported to test GUI's in embedded system by Palm Source. I personally thank Palm Source and Puneet Mishra of Palm Source for taking this initiative.

LDTP workshop in SJEC

I thank Bangalore FSUG for making LDTP workshop a great success in SJEC. I personally thanks Rakesh 'Arky' Ambati of FSUG Bangalore and Saravana Prabhu LDTP Developement team.