Thursday, August 10, 2006

LDTP 0.5.0 released !!!

wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a wonderful day ! Prem has announced that LDTP 0.5.0 has been released.

Thanks to Prashanth Mohan for his major contribution as part of Google Summer of Code and his mentors Veerapuram Varadhan and Emily Chen for guiding him with the list of tasks.

GNOME Tinderbox integration - work by Prashanth Mohan - Guided by Frederic Peters / Veerapuram Varadhan. You can download his work from here.
Evolution automation - work by Prashanth Mohan - Guided by Emily Chen. You can download his work from here.

One major update in this release is LDTP Recording. This task was majorly developed by Hari / Theyagarajan / Venkateswaran.

Alex of Palm Source, who has initiated Object Oriented LDTP ! We would like to see this soon in the main steam.

More than 70 different scenarios in gedit has been automated by Srini and Narasim. Soon they all will be available in main CVS. You can download it from here.

Overall credit goes to Varadhan, as he was giving us feedback in all directions and suggesting ideas in all the technical discussions.