Thursday, October 05, 2006

Palm Source contributions to LDTP

Plam Source is continously supporting and helping LDTP community with their patches (like, enable TCP service in LDTP, to do remote testing of applications) and new ideas like Object Oriented LDTP !

I personally thank all their contributions to LDTP project.

Binary Serialization implementation of ADO.NET in Mono

More than 3 weeks of work, I finally implemented the Binary Serialization of ADO.NET in Mono ! A new feature of ADO.NET 2.0. Thanks to Harinath and Ankit for reviewing all my code and they have given me the complete review of the code. Now the code looks better than my first patch ! I did my commit last week.

Harinath has given some more suggestions to improve constraints related implementation at the time of De-Serialization. I have the half way working code. Still need to regress them, could not find time as, I was slightly busy with my visa processing !

Suggestions to use LDTP

An author Galmes Pierre-Andre suggest to use LDTP for "Functional testing for Linux".

I personally thank the author for suggesting LDTP to be used in functional testing !!!