Monday, January 15, 2007

Celebrated Pongal

Nice time @ home with my parents and my family members ! Celebrated Pongal festival with my family members, though could not attend Mattu Pongal.

Some rangoli pictures made by my wife and my mother in front of my parents house.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Status about ADO.NET porting to Mono

Most of the time, I'm working on ADO.NET for Mono. Started implementing all possible missing APIs, events, properties.

Before 2 months, missing API's, events, properties of System.Data and System.Data.Common was more than 70 each. Today when I checked its approx 10 and 30 respectively.

Planing to start work on SqlTypes and SqlClient. Hope things will go fine !

Booked a flat in Bangalore

Hectic time, put all my savings in booking a flat in Electronic City, Bangalore. Thanks to Veerapuram Varadhan and Srinivas Ragavan for helping me to book this flat !

Daadys Builders is the flat promoters. Seems they are doing lot of projects in Bangalore. In India, most of the IT hubs are becoming costlier these days. Number 1 is Bangalore. Hyderabad, Chennai are on the way... Its really going to be difficult for others employeed in other fields (I mean other than IT field).

Salary structure

Today in our local daily (THE HINDU, Bangalore edition) read an article about salary structure for different jobs and in different countries. Nice to see, how much on an average, IT people are getting paid ;)

Interesting mathematcial / computer programming problems !

Harinath was discussing about this Project Euler with me last week and by this week, I get a chance to look into this. Thanks to Ankit for giving me the site link.

Interesting problems.