Friday, December 05, 2008

Announce: Linux Desktop Testing Project 1.4.0 released

After 3 months of work from LDTP 1.3.0 release, we are pleased to announce LDTP 1.4.0. Special thanks to Guofu Xu of Access Company (Palm Source).

Major things about this release:

* New API's required for VMware Workstation automation, thanks to Arvind Patil, Anupa Kamath
* Performance enhancement patches, thanks to Guofu Xu
* LDTP editor now supports configuration file for settings, thanks to Shreyank Gupta
* LDTP is now packaged for Fedora 10, thanks to Debarshi Ray

Thanks to Ara Pulido and Marc Tardif of Ubuntu for reportings bugs in LDTP.

More news to follow ;-)