Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Announce: Linux Desktop Testing Project (LDTP) 2.1.0 released

Changes in this release:

Added documentation files from LDTPv1 and updated accordingly
Search object name as unicode character and mutliline
Print Unicode exception, instead of string. Printing string fails, if non-ascii strings are in exception string

Performance improvement:

When looking for object inside a window without any delay, utilize all the CPU, just delay the lookup every 2 seconds
Don't force remap on gechild, getobjectlist, getobjectproperty, unless the window object is changed, as this utilizes more CPU

New API:

getmax - Get max value of spin button
getmin - Get min value of spin button
startlog - Start logging to file
stoplog - Stop logging to file
startprocessmonitor - Start monitoring the given process
stopprocessmonitor - Stop monitoring the given process
getcpustat - Get the current CPU statistics of the given process
getmemorystat - Get the current memory statistics of the given process
registerkbevent - Register keyboard event
deregisterkbevent - De-Register keyboard event
getobjectnameatcoords - Get window / object name in LDTP format based on the current mouse co-ordinates

Bugs fixed:
619575: Raise a more descriptive error when a child is not found
620343: setcellvalue is not implemented in LDTP2
624690: LDTP2.0.6 cannot type comma ', ' use function 'enterstring'
624678: Cannot identifiy some dialogs of OpenOffice3.2
635047: 'comboselect' doesn't work when specify component name listed in 'getobjectlist'
638229 - onwindowcreate fails with CannotSendRequest with python2.7
638226 - Missing import socket in ldtp/__init__.py

Special thanks:
Ara Pulido, JB Lallement - Ubuntu Mago team
Eitan Isaacson
Brian Nitz - Oracle / Sun

Download source here
Download RPM / deb


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