Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Announce: Mago New development release

On behalf of Jean-Baptiste Lallement:

We are pleased to announce the new development release of Mago.

This release has seen a lot of changes and improvements to make Linux
automated desktop testing easier and enable more people to contribute
writing tests and aiming to high quality desktop applications.

Key features included in this version:
- Separation between the framework and the tests
- Support for standard gnome dialogs and authentication
- Easy configuration of the tests with configuration files
- Support for the latest version of LDTP
- Direct interaction with Window Manager via XLib
- Image matching testing with XPresser
- Easy and flexible collect and run with Nose
- Testtools to extend python unittest
- The documentation now uses Sphinx
- Magomatic to generate application map

You want to contribute to the effort?
You can download the source from bazaar at https://launchpad.net/mago

The testsuite is available from lp:~mago-contributors/mago/mago-testsuite

Note that this version is not compatible with the previous version of
mago which is still available from lp:~mago-contributors/mago/mago-1.0

Mailing List:

#ubuntu-testing in irc.freenode.org
#gnome-testing in irc.gnome.org

Thanks to all the people who contributed fixes, features and lot of tests.


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