Monday, September 12, 2005

Copied code from at-spi examples and started recording !!!

10 days back, I have taken at-spi example code and started implementing new LDTP recording code.

Base at-spi code is event-listener-test.c. Soon this work will be published. Today I discussed this code and its implementation details with Shaheed, Prem and Subodh. They have assured that they will also contribute to an extent :D Let us see how this project grows. The reason for this new recording implementation is, with the existing recording code, we have lot of implementation issues and we were also not able to extend. With the new one, hope we won't face any such issues. But based on my current code, I saw few race conditons and I'm planing to use shared memory concept. I'm not sure how effective its going to be. Need to implement and see.


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