Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Remote Procedure Call in Mono

Mono ADO.NET now supports 'Remote Procedure Call' invocation, which boosts perfomance of accessing the stored procedure in MS-SQL or Sybase database.

Check here - advantages of using RPC.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good and Sad news

Good news

* Linux Desktop Testing Project (LDTP) and GNOME Tinderbox integration work of Prashanth Mohan done through GNOME / Google SoC 2006 is now integrated into jhbuild system ! Thanks to Frederic Peters and Federico.
* Firefox automation using Linux Desktop Testing Project has been selected for this Google Summer of Code under Mozilla organization. Harishankar a third year engineering student of NITT, India will be doing the project under the guidance of me and Emily Chen of Sun, China. Thanks to Emily for her continous support.
* LDTP debian packages are now available in Debian package unstable repository, Thanks to Kartik Mistry.
* LDTP Tutorial documentation is available for download, please send your feedback to

Have few updates about Mono ADO.NET, will blog it later.

Sad news
* My father passed away (almost a month back). It wass very difficult to get the death certificate of my father and legal heir certificate in India, even after bribing :( I received all the government legal documents almost after 25 days. Junk system !!!
* Linux Desktop Testing Project site hosted in freedesktop site is down for a while.