Thursday, December 13, 2007

Create desktop testing suite (GHOP)

Its great to see Linux Desktop Testing Project part of GNOME's GHOP !!!

Create desktop testing suite initiated under GHOP GNOME. Thanks to Nickolay for intiating this task. I will give my complete support to the student Ninjatails. Thanks to Andre Clapper pointing me the issue.

BTW, I have Left Novell, India by first week of November and relocated to California, US. I will continue doing LDTP :)

Grand Central is really Grand

Yesterday I was trying different things with Google's Grand Central. Its really cool. I have configured my office number and Gizmo number in Grand Central. I called my cousin in Singapore from my laptop !!! provides a service to call many countries for free. I have used the source number as my Grand Central number and destination as my cousin's Singapore number. called my Grand Central number and it redirects to my Gizmo. The voice quality was really cool.

Inspired by many articles published in Vinay's blog VOIP Guides.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Vote Logo for GNOME Asia Summit

Today Emily Chen has blogged about Vote Logo for GNOME Asia summit. I have voted my choice :)

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