Tuesday, February 10, 2009

GNOME Desktop Testing - Project annoucement

We are proud to announce that a new GNOME team has been created, focused on desktop testing automation. If you have ever wondered how could you test your application writing scripts that mimic what a normal user would do, join us in this new effort.

We have a mailing list, a wiki page with documentation and a SVN module with the initial work that we have done, but we need more people to get involve to make GNOME better and better.

Please, join now the GNOME Desktop Testing team!

Still not sure? Here you will find a small how-to on how to run the available examples. Just give it a go!

A big thanks to Christian Rose for setting up the Mailing List and GNOME SVN a/c for us. I have really bugged Owen Taylor / Federico all the time on IRC. Thanks to both of them answering all my queries, all the time :)

Announce: Linux Desktop Testing Project 1.5.0 released

Whats new in this release:

Log all failures and take screenshot on each failure - b.g.o # 567589
Create default log file in /tmp/ldtp-$USER
Screenshot using pygtk, instead of ImageMagick import, when possible
Added new api - appundertest

Bug fixes:

b.g.o # 566048
bugs.fd.o # 19813

Special thanks to Ara Pulido and others as well:

Lijun Huang
Guofu Xu
Nathan Samson

LDTP news:

GNOME Desktop Testing Project uses LDTP
Automated Tests For Anjuta

Download source tarball
Binary (openSUSE / Ubuntu / Fedora / Debian / RHEL / CentOS / Mandriva) - openSUSE build service