Friday, October 02, 2009

Call for LDTPv2 (Linux Desktop Testing Project) testing

We are in the process of migrating all our existing LDTP API based on CSPI (LDTPv1) to pyatspi (LDTPv2).

LDTPv2 framework was written by "Eitan Isaacson". Thanks to eeejay :)

In VMware, we have tested the LDTPv2 API's. Thanks to Ranjith Murugan, Gaurav Sharma, Anupa Kamath for verifying them.

I'm sure still there are some pending API's which has to implemented or some API's which are not compatible with LDTPv1 in LDTPv2. I request to all the users, to verify LDTPv2 in their test environment and report any issues you found. We have tested on Ubuntu 9.04 with Python 2.6. It will be nice, if you could test it on Python 2.4 / 2.5 / 3.0 as well.

New LDTPv2 dependency - twisted-python-web package.

Access LDTPv2 source through git: git:// or ssh:// or

Browse the LDTPv2 source online -