Thursday, May 16, 2013

Announce: LDTP 3.5 - Linux GUI test automation tool

New API:
* inserttext, objtimeout, guitimeout, getcellsize, getcellvalue,
getobjectnameatcoords, getcombovalue, getaccesskey in Python client
* doubleClick, doubleClickRow, onWindowCreate, getCellSize, getComboValue,
appUnderTest, getAccessKey in Java client
* getcellsize, getcellvalue in Ruby client
* GetCellSize, GetComboValue, AppUnderTest, GetAccessKey, MouseRightClick,
DoubleClick, DoubleClickRow, RightClick in C# client

New control type:
* POPUP MENU for Ubuntu environment

Bugs fixed:
Ruby client:
* Fixed optional arguments to imagecapture
* Check window_name parameter, if empty then use @window_name passed in

Python client:
* Fixed optional argument APIs to work on both Windows and Linux
* imagecapture x, y offset, height and width parameters are disregarded if
window parameter is provided - Bug#685548
* Return unicode string all the time on gettextvalue
* Fix partial match argument in selectrow, compatible with Windows
* Patch by ebass to support Python 2.6
* Added Errno 101 as we see in ebass Ubuntu 10.04 environment

Core LDTP2
* Include label type on gettextvalue
* Don't include separators in the list

Perl client:
* Added perl client

* Sawyer X for the Perl interface
* ebass (IRC nick name)
* Marek Rosa
* Thanks to all others who have reported bugs through forum / email /
in-person / IRC

About LDTP:
Cross Platform GUI Automation tool Linux version is LDTP, Windows version
is Cobra and Mac version is PyATOM.

* Linux version is known to work on GNOME / KDE (QT >= 4.8) / Java Swing /
LibreOffice / Mozilla application on all major Linux distribution.
* Windows version is known to work on application written in .NET / C++ /
Java / QT on Windows XP SP3 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 development version.
* Mac GUI testing is known to work on OS X Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion.
Where ever PyATOM runs, LDTP should work on it.

Download source / binary (RPM/DEB)

Documentation references: API / JavaDoc

For detailed information on LDTP framework and latest updates visit

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